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Maria is passionate about having this site for fun and exciting ways to improve your healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy finances! She has coached hundred to lose weight, improve heart disease, get fit, have peace of mind and realize dreams.

Heart Healthy 

I enjoyed cooking class again today with Fernando and Marlene Divina at OHSU. The aromas wafted caused my mouth to water as they prepared Fall Vegetables and Tofu, Farro and Barley with Cardamom, Tomato and Onion Cachumber, and Carrot Koshumbir.

 OHSU has put together a wonderful Heart Healthy Plate diagram 

 And the results?  


Five Signs You’ll Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

It isn’t about what the scale says, or even how your clothes are fitting…934924_10151424741728315_16327956_n
How is your mind health?
1. You Have Patience. You didn’t gain weight overnight, don’t give up too quickly. Re-evaluate that you are on a good nutrition and exercise plan. Sometimes even though we can’t see the results on the outside, our insides are screaming – yes! As you lose weight consciously, you become more confident in the process.
2. You Persevere Through Set-backs. Is it about being perfect all the time? No, it is about living your life on your terms, no judgements. It is about getting back on the horse if you do fall – immediately. No fair to keep saying, tomorrow. Empower yourself to say, today.
3. You Accept Your Body. Accept what is, love yourself unconditionally and strive to improve. What happens if your vehicle breaks down, as in an alternator or something goes out. What do you do? My answer is to get it fixed, not just leave it broken down. Fix your body with nutritious foods and healthy movement as well as excellent hydration. Our bodies are our temples and as we honor them, they will thrive for us.
4. You Focus on Your Goal. Focus on where you’re headed. Does it do any good to beat yourself up and be critical? It is not that motivating to think of what we don’t want. We go to the creative space thinking of what it is we do want. Make that picture crystal clear and visualize daily seeing yourself the picture of the health and weight you want.
5. You Make Yourself a Priority. No one is going to prioritize your health more than you. You have to want it so badly that you do not stray when tempted to skip the exercise class or eat at the buffet placed in front of you. Keep your appointments with yourself. You are important! You also deserve to be the best you. When you make yourself a priority, you’ll not only reach your weight loss goal, you will have lasting success.

Am I the only one feeling bombarded by the health movement?

How do I determine what is healthy for me? There seems to be so many avenues to take!

I am all about keep it simple. When trying to figure out what I want, I am pretty clear what I don’t want. Super! That is the best clue to turn that thought into what I want to create. Then the creative process can kick in and viola’!

Well, maybe not quite that simple. For example, I don’t want to be dragging through the day. What I do want is to be my energetic vibrant self. Sleeping better is a must! As I am getting a handle on this whole personal climate (menopause) time of my life, sleep has been trying to elude me. What I am doing about it is 1) Keeping a wind down bedtime schedule as much as possible. 2) Great nutrition of balanced proteins and carbs. 3)Hydrating with at least 100 oz of water if not more and at least the majority drank before 4 pm if possible. 4) Meditate daily to stay centered and minimize stress. 5) Exercise. I enjoy fun activities like riding my motorcycle and gardening. 6) Surround myself with positive people who inspire and encourage me. 7) Schedule relax time.

And the interesting thing is, I am more rested, more productive, and probably more fun to be around too!

My remedy is to keep it basic and it seems to be working!

Oh – Let’s play today!

We are taught to do, do, do – and you know what dodo is… – Barbra Gilman.

How about if we play through life? What will we create? If we are having fun, we allow ourselves to create the life we want. That includes healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy finances. I believe getting a clear picture of what it is we want, I mean super clear, helps us solidify that vision in our minds eye. Then, the how’s to make it happen become the steps and our vision becomes our reality.

So, the question today is what would you like to create? Why do you want to create that? Is it getting into that wow dress by the time of our reunion? How about being able to run the marathon or mud run? What if it is just playing on the floor with children – and being able to get back up gracefully?

What will you play at creating today?

Taking on a new situation.

Her hands were sweating and she started to feel her heart beating faster. What was this going to be like? Where was her comparative reality? Who did she know who had already been there and done that? Was she going to be thought a fool? Crazy?

These were the questions racing across her mind as she made her resolve. She could do this! She was going to. Resolve is a good thing, right. Just pull up her big girl panties and preserver through. That is what Mom would do. Mom was always up for a challenge, at least once. Maybe this is one of the very chairs Mom had sat in once upon a time.

It’s all her sister’s fault for the instigation and inspiration actually. Can gratitude be here? And confidence and maybe just a knowing that all is right with the world for at least a brief time. What a blessing to take the time, a break, to stop, be, trust in the universe and just observe the unfolding. The wonderment, the peace, the energy in the room. 

Sigh, and all of this to complete a simple task if writing about a new situation.

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Where do I start?

What do you want? Being able to identify clearly where we are and where we want to be is first and foremost a key factor in setting a clear path. The more defined the vision the easier it will be to get there. This is usually an ongoing creation as we accumulate more information as we go along. Can you put passion behind it? What really trips your trigger, gives you that happy feeling in your gut or heart and makes you smile. The vision that when you have a temptation in front of you causes you to have the resolve that is more important to you than that temptation.

Transform Yourself

Making Optimal Health A Reality

Health Evaluation

Cooking with Fernando and Marlene Divina again

Summer Vegetable Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Avocado and Tomato Compote

 At Oregon Health Science University for Cooking Your Way To  Healthier Heart. http://www.ohsu.edu

Wonderful personal stories of their travel adventures and culinary explorations provide so much temptations as we are smelling the flavors of lunch.

World renown and sought after talent provide scrumptious meals for patients and public a like. They use fresh and local whenever possible.

Guest Chef on this day is Scott Rigsby lead cook for OHSU.

The food was delicious! You wouldn’t think a hospital would serve gourmet, but we were always impressed when I Mom would have stays there. It is so nice to get the back story as to how this was consistently appetizing.

Food as an addiction – want to learn how to live healthier?

I grew up on a farm with my Mom’s garden and Dad’s animals and field. Wholesomeness, hard work and fresh air – can’t beat it!
We all need to eat and unlike other addictions can’t just quit cold turkey (pun intended) or even gradually like with other addictions. Is it about will power or could there be a physiology reason behind our cravings? Continue reading

Pet Therapy

Oh my, the laughter my kitties provide! They go to great lengths to make sure my husband, friends and I are thoroughly entertained and they never cease to amaze me.Although both my husband and I grew up with animals, the farm for me and dogs in the house for my husband, we decided that cats were the logical choice that fit our lifestyle for happy little healing spirit companionship on a daily basis. Continue reading