Taking on a new situation.

Her hands were sweating and she started to feel her heart beating faster. What was this going to be like? Where was her comparative reality? Who did she know who had already been there and done that? Was she going to be thought a fool? Crazy?

These were the questions racing across her mind as she made her resolve. She could do this! She was going to. Resolve is a good thing, right. Just pull up her big girl panties and preserver through. That is what Mom would do. Mom was always up for a challenge, at least once. Maybe this is one of the very chairs Mom had sat in once upon a time.

It’s all her sister’s fault for the instigation and inspiration actually. Can gratitude be here? And confidence and maybe just a knowing that all is right with the world for at least a brief time. What a blessing to take the time, a break, to stop, be, trust in the universe and just observe the unfolding. The wonderment, the peace, the energy in the room. 

Sigh, and all of this to complete a simple task if writing about a new situation.

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