Cooking with Fernando and Marlene Divina again

Summer Vegetable Rolls with Peanut Dipping Sauce

Avocado and Tomato Compote

 At Oregon Health Science University for Cooking Your Way To  Healthier Heart.

Wonderful personal stories of their travel adventures and culinary explorations provide so much temptations as we are smelling the flavors of lunch.

World renown and sought after talent provide scrumptious meals for patients and public a like. They use fresh and local whenever possible.

Guest Chef on this day is Scott Rigsby lead cook for OHSU.

The food was delicious! You wouldn’t think a hospital would serve gourmet, but we were always impressed when I Mom would have stays there. It is so nice to get the back story as to how this was consistently appetizing.

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2 thoughts on “Cooking with Fernando and Marlene Divina again

  1. This meal looks fantastic.I have always been impressed by the quality of the food served a OHSU. This community involvement project is just another way that shows the scope of their awareness to a healthy lifestyle.
    Maria, I would love to hear your personal comments about the prep and taste of the meal.


  2. Thank you Chefs Fernando and Marlene Divina Fernando, for the class at OHSU this week. I made the chicken stock an the French onion soup and they turned out incredible. The salad was great but i was missing something you had in the dressing. Must have been something you used that i didn’t hear. because my salad dressing didn’t look creamy like yours and the flavor wasn’t as good as yours. i didn’t put the wine in dressing . Any ways thank you for some great tips on improving the flavors in our foods. It s really important since i was diagnosed with Chronic Systolic heart failure and have to cut salt way back.
    Best Shawn & Cherie


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