Healthy Bodies Series

Are you ready for summer and all the adventures you will be doing? Are you as productive and clear thinking to accomplish all your aspirations? Do your clothes fit the way you want?
Here is a fun way to practice healthy habits

10177300_10205960914283267_5669699275692710918_nJoin a team for $20 ante. And as my husband puts it, you get points for doing healthy activities you should be doing anyway? And you can win cash and prizes too!

Track your meals! Did you log in today? According to WebMD, people who use food logs lose up to twice as much weight as those who do not. By keeping track of everything you put into your body, you will become more aware of portion sizes… and those late night snacking habits. Come fill out your food log for some extra points and that accountability you’ve been looking for! Invite those friends, and even if they join late, they will join with pro-rated points.


Healthy Bodies Series Gallery

Healthy Habits Series Article 1

Healthy Bodies Series Article 2 Refueling

Healthy Bodies Series Article 3 Hydration

Healthy Bodies Series Article 4 Move

Healthy Habits Series Article 5 Sleep

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Maria is passionate about having this site for fun and exciting ways to improve your healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy finances! She has coached hundred to lose weight, improve heart disease, get fit, have peace of mind and realize dreams.

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