Pet Therapy

Oh my, the laughter my kitties provide! They go to great lengths to make sure my husband, friends and I are thoroughly entertained and they never cease to amaze me.Although both my husband and I grew up with animals, the farm for me and dogs in the house for my husband, we decided that cats were the logical choice that fit our lifestyle for happy little healing spirit companionship on a daily basis.
So we adopted Miss Mitts Kitty. She had 6 toes and was known for opening drawers and doors. She wasn’t keen on closing them and typically unloaded the socks and underwear from the drawers under our bed. The biggest problem with that was when my husband would wake up in the middle of the night, he would step in his open drawers or stumble on his sock rolls. Mitts was 2 years old when my husband had an accident. When we came home from the hospital, she immediately understood her role was to make him brand new. Three months later, it was my turn and she worked hard to heal me during my cancer journey. She was also the great black huntress and nothing was sacred in her yard. She really believed her prey was better shown off in the house dead or alive and it was common and sometimes quite the challenge to escort mice, birds, squirrels and bunnies back to the outdoors. Mitts was a faithful family member who went to kitty heaven last year.

Bella & Samson

Ms. Bella Blue & Samson “Dickens”

Then came Ms. Bella Blue a beautiful Russian Blue kitty we adopted from a rescue shelter. Bella came with some issues, but we would not trade her for the world. It is amazing how they can steal your heart so fast. She has now been with us for a year and continues to become more loving and trusting every day. Part of that is due to Samson. Samson arrived late last summer at about 2 months old. He rapidly earned the name Dickens, regularly torments Bella and they have become best friends and playmates too. Samson is known for figuring out how to jump 4 feet straight up so he is not in trouble for getting on the counter tops, but can then access the beams in our vaulted ceiling. He has been teaching Bella tricks which is so great because she was forced to survive and missed her kitten-hood. She has been trying her best to teach him to behave like a regal kitty but mostly his curiosity continually challenges his ability to be demur.
The remind us to laugh and play, so as long as our house survives, we think we will keep them.

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