#2 in series – Optimal health is doable, really! Eating

~Change your eating habits. Become a master of fueling your body with delicious, low calorie, low glycemic, energizing, and life-giving foods. This causes weight to normalize if you are not at a healthy weight and can even have a powerful healing effect.
My husband says he used to live to eat and now he eats to live. We call eating “re-fueling’s” now. If we are eating as clean, natural and organic as possible, we notice a difference in our overall health and in small ways as well. Since our soil is depleted and our food is over-processed, getting back to fresh vegetables, lean proteins and staying away from too much starch is the way back to optimal health and beyond.
Eating healthy, low fat and low glycemic foods every 2-3 hours assists us to keep our metabolism and blood sugars balanced. No more high and low swings!
Plus, an added benefit is weight can normalize too!
#1 in Series – Optimal health is doable, really!

Healthy Bodies

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Maria is passionate about having this site for fun and exciting ways to improve your healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy finances! She has coached hundred to lose weight, improve heart disease, get fit, have peace of mind and realize dreams.

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