#1 in Series – Optimal health is doable, really!

What does optimal health mean to you? Is it about a certain weight? How about reducing medications? What about a fitness goal or activity you have wanted to reach? photo 2

What isn’t working is the fact that there are over 300 million people in America, 1/3 are overweight and 1/3 are obese. Obesity is the leading cause of heart disease and the #2 cause of cancer and #1 for child obesity! Stress and lack of sleep can cause weight gain, compromised immune system, inflammation, anxiety, moodiness, depression, overuse of alcohol and medications.

So, if you are not sick, you are healthy, right? Actually, they are vastly different and 90% of us fall into the non-sick state which can quickly become a slippery slope. Non-sickness is a state in which your muscles become weak and flabby and can lead us to progressive dependence on medications to relieve your symptoms – symptoms that are merely our body’s way of telling us that we are not healthy.

Optimal health can foster and environment for being happier, more creative and increase positivity. Developing a healthier lifestyle can make us smarter and better able to keep up with work demands. We even tend to develop healthier relationships.

What do you want? This is your life, it’s real and the only one you’ve got! We can no longer wait passively for doctors, weight gurus, or drug companies to come up with a solution. Your health is not a spectator sport!

Ask yourself, is my health improving every day? Are my daily habits creating greater health and vibrancy, or are they draining my battery and putting me on an accelerating path toward disease?

What can you do?

~Change your eating habits. Become a master of fueling your body with delicious, low calorie, low glycemic, energizing, and life-giving foods. This causes weight to normalize if you are not at a healthy weight and can even have a powerful healing effect.

~Water makes up between 55 and 60 percent of your weight but it cannot store it, so replenishing often is crucial to removing toxins, hydrating organs and systems to function properly.

~Move your body. Finding the right amount of physical activity that is sustainable can create clever strategies that can make exercising fun!

Understanding our patterns and triggers support us to create strategic behaviors to support long term health and vitality.

When we support our bodies and minds through ideal nutritional support, enough sleep, and literally create a positive environment, we can thrive personally and professionally.

What can you do right now, in this very moment? Breathe, stretch and have a drink of water. You are well on your way now.
Change your eating habits http://wp.me/p5M4up-19
Water make up between 5 and 60 percent of your weight http://wp.me/p5M4up-1b
Move your body http://wp.me/p5M4up-1d


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